Why I hate scott clum and think pagination is cool


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dear Scott Clum,

I apologize if I offended you. I do not in fact "hate you." It is actually a sort of inside joke. A friend of mine and I had intro to graphic design together five years ago and we had this project which was to typographically lay out something that had to do with an appearance you were doing. It also just so happened that we were not very fond of our professor and the project dragged on until basically the entire class was a bit unnerved at the mention of the name Scott Clum (of course nothing to do with you personally, it was the project we were annoyed with).

So, a few months ago that same friend of mine encouraged me to write a blog to entertain her while she was at work. I wanted to do a blog that was about design but I didn't want to be boring and call it "graphic design blog" so I thought long and hard and decided she would be amused by the reference to our inside joke. I didn't count on anyone actually reading my blog other than my friends so I figured it wouldn't be an issue. It would appear I was wrong.

And I just think pagination is a great word. It sounds so majestic for what it is.


Blogger beth said...

--shudder-- oh, that intro project...

5:24 PM  

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